• SSE (Permanent Way) is a supervisor in Civil Engineering (Permanent Way) department of Railways.
  • SSE will be normally headquartered in major stations normally. He will be the in charge of a section of track (let us say 100-250 km length) stretching over a couple of stations.
  • He will be responsible for maintenance, repairs and attending to failures like rail fracture.
  • He will have a few JE(Junior Engineers) working under him and large team of workers consisting of trackman, gangman, khalasis, patrolman.
  • Permanent way in railway parlance is the structure consisting of the rails, fasteners, sleepers and ballast, plus the underlying subgrade.
  • The safe running of trains depends on the level of maintenance of the track and hence the role of a permanent way supervisor is crucial and he is answerable for the delay/omissions in this regard.
  • He is supposed to conduct regular inspections, trolley inspections, foot plate inspection(by travelling in engine of running train) over his section.